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Life sciences see silver lining in dark COVID clouds

Jul 16, 2020 12:39:28 PM / by Behzad Behroozan

If there has been a silver lining behind the otherwise menacing COVID-19 pandemic clouds for any sector of B.C.’s economy, it has been life sciences.


Vancouver biotech and medical device companies have recently received government funding, inked partnerships with big pharmaceutical companies and gained quick regulatory approvals to move their platforms and discoveries to the front of the clinical trial queue. 

Agartee Technology Inc. is one of BC’s digital health technology firms moving rapidly to re-purpose their technology to provide support for the COVID-19 pandemic.  In the past months, Agartee Technology Inc. has seen a 400% increase in inquiries about its services, said the company’s CEO, Behzad Behroozan.

Agartee provides real-time remote monitoring technology empowered with Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Symptom Monitoring and Early Detection for at-risk individuals, mainly seniors.

Agartee had already been working with the University of British Columbia’s Lung Centre and St. Paul’s Hospital on remote monitoring of respiratory disease symptoms. COVID-19 can cause severe respiratory infections.

“It was very natural for us to repurpose our respiratory symptom monitoring for COVID symptom monitoring,” said Behroozan. “So we quickly started seeing a lot of interest from the government, from the clinics.  


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Behzad Behroozan

Written by Behzad Behroozan

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