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Agartee Technology at forefront of ground-breaking study of COVID-19 in long-term care

Sep 1, 2020 1:31:10 PM / by Cam Sanderson

Agartee Technology is pleased to announce a partnership with Roche Canada and McGill University to study at-risk individuals in long-term care. Agartee’s real-time remote monitoring system, powered by Artificial Intelligence, will be used for preventative measures, tracking, monitoring and predictions of COVID-19 symptoms. 

Background of Roche

Roche is the world’s largest biotech company, who’s mission is to advance science and improve people’s lives. As the coronavirus pandemic first began, Roche understood the importance of identifying and implementing innovative solutions to combat the virus - and decided to take action. The Roche Canada COVID-19 Innovation Challenge received over 800 applications, with Agartee becoming one of 11 companies chosen to participate in the revolutionary study. 

Our partnership with McGill

We are pleased to be working alongside Dr. Samira Rahimi throughout this study. Agartee’s solution will be implemented to 60 different long-term care residents at 2 different LTC homes, and then scale up to monitoring all residents in these homes. Agartee and Dr. Rahimi’s staff will be working closely using IoMT and AI to provide assistance in prevention, detection and management of COVID-19 symptoms.  

Click here for more information on this ground-breaking partnership.

What will this study prove?

We are confident that our system will be able to help aid healthcare workers in the monitoring of patients proactively, rather than reactively. Current monitoring solutions are reactive to patients symptoms, with makes it extremely difficult to reduce the risk of a COVID-19 outbreak. 

Agartee provides caregivers at these homes a chance to monitor residents in real-time by collecting data on key metrics for COVID-19 detection: Sleep performance, activity levels, SpO2, temperature and respiratory rate.

Our platform is heavily reliant on data - the more data we are able to collect, the stronger our algorithm becomes. So through this study, our algorithm will continue to strengthen, which will in turn allow our system to continuously provide even more effective insights into patients symptoms. 

Agartee is working tirelessly to bring our solution to long-term care homes and give residents, staff and families the best possible solution to COVID-19 symptom monitoring challenges. 

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Cam Sanderson

Written by Cam Sanderson

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